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History[ edit ] A Techichi, likely the ancestor of Chihuahuas The Chiuaaas history is convoluted, and many theories surround the origin of the breed. Both folklore and archaeological finds show that the breed has origins in Mexico. The most common theory is that Chihuahua are descended from the Techichi, a companion dog favored by the Toltec civilization in Mexico. The earliest of these were found at Tres Zapotes in Veracruz, Mexico, which date to AD, [5] indirect evidence that a Chihuahua-like breed was in Mexico over years before the first Europeans arrived. It has been argued that these pots arrived with survivors from the Casas Grandes site in Chihuahua, Mexico , after it was attacked and destroyed around AD. Some believe this practice is where the idea of pain being transferred to animals from humans originated, which gave way to rituals such as burning the deceased with live dogs, such as the Techichi, to exonerate the deceased human’s sins. Both the Smooth and the Long Coats have their special attractions and are equally easy to keep clean and well groomed. Dogs of either coat type may be identified as either “apple head” or “deer head” Chihuahuas, particularly in the United States. Apple heads have rounded heads, close-set eyes, and relatively short ears and legs. Deer heads have flat-topped heads, more widely set eyes, larger ears, and longer, more slender legs.

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Schedule Split is an Adriatic Sea cruise port located in Croatia. By population around , , metro over , the city is ranked the country’s second largest – following the capital Zagreb. A popular tourist destination and intraregional transport hub, the city is linked to the Apennine peninsula and the Adriatic islands. The city was founded as Greek colony of Aspalathos in the 3rd or 2nd century BC. Brodosplit is the biggest shipyard in Croatia and employs approx 2, people.

Drink Responsibly. Members of the BC Ale Trail are committed to ensuring their beers are promoted and enjoyed responsibly by those adults who choose to consume them for the continued prosperity of the craft beer industry in British Columbia.

Every year the United Nations declares Canada to be the best place in the world to live. But no one ever says exactly what part of Canada. Winnipeg during mosquito season? Ottawa during Question Period? We don’t think so. In the interests of clarity and controversy , we’d like to propose that the honour belongs to BC. As evidence we present this list of of the best things about living here, things that make us stick out our chests with pride.

Things like Nanaimo bars, and Kermode bears, and Triple O sauce. Things that contain the flavour of life west of the Rockies. Everyone has their own reasons for appreciating the province. For the sake of argument any list of the best things about BC had better start with those words! During the time we worked on the EBC we were reminded every day of a new “best thing” about BC, so it was a challenge to pick an even and call them the best.

What do you think? We’re ready for all the second guessing—in fact, we invite it.


Town’s population is around 30, The whole island has length of 40 ml 65 km and width of 20 ml 32 km. This is a Venetian fortress that covers the promontory the old town of Corfu. For season , despite ‘s decline due to Greece’s economic crisis, Corfu cruise port reported over ship calls and handled over , passengers. Passengers are transferred to the main terminal via shuttle buses. There are shuttles to the heart of Corfu too.

Suncoast Hotel & Casino is located in the premier northwest area of Las Vegas and is surrounded by world-class golf. The property offers exclusive restaurants, fun gaming, deluxe accommodations, bowling, movie theaters, bingo and much more.

Huguenot corsairs[ edit ] During the first three-quarters of the sixteenth century, matters of balance of power and dynastic succession weighed heavily on the course of European diplomacy and war. In , France went to war with the Holy Roman Empire. Spanish troops routed French armies in France, the Italian Peninsula, and elsewhere, forcing the French Crown to surrender in and again in The Italian Wars , as the French-Spanish wars came to be known, reignited in and again in Intermittent warring between the Valois monarchy and the Habsburg Empire continued until At the time, prodigious treasures from Mexico began to cross the Atlantic en route to Spain.

In , off the Cape of St. Vincent , Portugal, his vessels captured two Spanish ships laden with a fabulous treasure consisting of 70, ducats worth of gold, large quantities of silver and pearls, and 25, pounds of sugar, a much-treasured commodity at the time. Corsair port raids in Cuba and elsewhere in the region usually followed the rescate ransom model, whereby the aggressors seized villages and cities, kidnapped local residents, and demanded payment for their release.

If there were no hostages, corsairs demanded ransoms in exchange for sparing towns from destruction. Whether ransoms were paid or not, corsairs looted, committed unspeakable violence against their victims, desecrated churches and holy images, and left smoldering reminders of their incursions.

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Nov 22,  · TD Bank Group is hiring a Personal Banking Associate- Certified Advisor Program (CAP) in Sunshine Coast, BC. Learn about this opportunity and apply! TD Bank Group is hiring a Personal Banking Associate- Certified Advisor Program (CAP) in Sunshine Coast, BC. Learn about this opportunity and apply! Home;.

It is one of the oldest cities in the world, dating back to approximately BC, and it is the main economic and financial centre of southern Spain. Tourism, construction and technology are the main factors that contribute to the prosperity of Malaga. Temperatures are moderated significantly by the neighbouring Mediterranean Sea, which helps to keep the winters somewhat milder than further inland, while often restricting the intensity of the heat during the summer months.

In winter the Malaga Mountains to the north help to shelter Malaga from cold northerly winds. Extremes of cold are very rare and the lowest temperature recorded in the city centre is Extremes of heat are also quite rare but they do occur, particularly when a sluggish southerly flow brings hot air up from the interior of northern Africa, and In the 20th century there was only one instance of snow in Malaga, on the 2nd February Rainfall amounts can vary considerably depending on how far south the jet stream is, and consequently, how far south frontal depressions from the North Atlantic Ocean track.

Thus, while the months of the summer half-year are consistently very dry, in the winter half-year some individual months are very wet while others remain mostly dry. Much of the rain tends to be heavier and over with more quickly than is normal in central and northern parts of Europe. Sunshine totals average hours per year, making Malaga one of the sunniest spots on the European mainland although not quite as sunny as some of the Mediterranean islands. This amounts to approximately two-thirds of the possible sunshine amount and is approximately twice the amount of sunshine associated with most of the northern half of Europe.

The mean daily sunshine duration range from 10 or 11 hours during July and August to between 5 and 6 hours in December. The winter months feature about three times as much sunshine as is typically experienced over central and northern Europe.

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Welcome to the Sunshine Coast of BC! Whether you are a first timer visitor to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, a frequent visitor or a resident, prepare to learn something new and find exactly what you are looking for on this site. For more than a century, the area has captured the hearts of those that have visited and the local residents.

When travelling to the area, you would think it is an island, separate from the Lower Mainland of BC.

Sunshine Coast Magazines is a Corporate Partner and Sponsor of the Hippo Water Roller Project. For most of us, clean water comes with the twist of a tap. But in rural Africa, access to water requires hours of walking, waiting in line and heavy lifting.

Even educated seniors do it. Whether with their original spouses or remarried, our parents are used to sharing their lives with someone for companionship and true love during their golden years. In fact, recent studies of romance among older Americans may surprise you: An AARP survey of older women in Southern California found that those under 55 and over 80 were most likely to say they were satisfied with the romance in their lives. A year later, he met and quickly married a younger woman at Leisure World.

Later that year, he met another woman at a weekly bridge game. They were a much better match and were married for 15 years until he passed. A friend of my mother was married four times in her 60s and 70s. Ironically, the fourth husband was the funeral director who she had grown to know after planning the final rights for her first three husbands.

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The reason is three fold: One, there are more tourists here than any other Vancouver Island destination. Two, the areas around Victoria are considered a great region to not only see Humpback whales but also Orcas. Many Victoria whale watching companies have a few larger boats with onboard restrooms for the comfort of their guests. Francis Rattenbury and his crew made an effort to use local materials, resources and expertise when building the Parliament Buildings, as during this time in B.

It was important to both him and the government to support local businesses.

Fair Vote Sunshine Coast. The referendum for Proportional Representation is a mail-in referendum. Registered voters will get a voting package in the mail from Elections BC between October 22 and November 2,

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Inland Natural Gas was incorporated to distribute natural gas throughout the interior of British Columbia. The company purchased St. May 17, , Fortis Inc. Some facilities are owned and others operated and maintained by FortisBC. FortisBC owns four regulated hydro-electric generating plants on the Kootenay River with an aggregate capacity of MW: FortisBC also owns Walden North, a non-regulated 16 megawatt run-of-river hydroelectric generating plant near Lillooet, British Columbia.

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Health Sunshine Coast Kid-Friendly Accommodations These featured child-friendly Sunshine Coast and Powell River and area accommodations invite you to visit with your children for a truly welcoming family-style stay. I grew up in Richmond BC in the 60s and 70s. We built forts, rode our bikes all day, swam at the community pool, did outdoor art projects, and went on ‘adventures off- Lulu island.

We lived in single-family homes or maybe duplexes, and it was a great time to be a kid. If the fields got wet and froze over in the winter, we’d play outdoor hockey, which usually involved a lot of falling down from skating into grass and dirt clumps. Our moms and dads would say, ‘outside and play’ every day, and we were happy to. Most of the time. Most kids don’t have that opportunity these days.

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