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Food historians generally agree colcannon belongs to the Irish. This conclusion is based on linguistic evidence, ingredient availability, and culinary preference. Combinations of potatoes, cabbage, and leeks were also embraced by many other cultures and cuisines, most notably Germany, Russia, France, Scotland, England. These hardy, economical, filling foods sated the bellies of the working and poorer classes. Cabbages and their cousins were known to ancient cooks. They were thought to have several medicinal attributes.

Easter Week

These hectares hold ancient redwoods as well as Gothic stone arches — the remnants of an 18th century estate. Listen carefully, you might still hear their howls. It became the Kingsroad, where Arya disguised herself as a boy to avoid capture.

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual and healing practice on the planet dating back 50, years. This tradition has grown out of humanity’s experience of evolving out of the earth and our intimate connections to our mother. When we journey into the inner realms through the doors of perception using our minds eye to explore the wondrous world of imagination, we can tap into the greater store of.

An error in the chronological placement of persons, events, objects or customs. Is it a remnant of the early Celtic race? Was it only later brought into Scotland by migrating Gaels? Most of our assumptions are based on myth, legend and the anachronistic Hollywood film industry. They are infamous for using objects, customs and wardrobes that have no business being in some of the movies.

For example, the costumer on the movie Braveheart didn’t do much historical research by fitting Mel Gibson with a kilt. He was playing the role of a 13th century warrior, wearing a 17th century garment and painting a blue face from the 2nd century. There is no evidence in early Irish records to support the theory that the kilt was invented in Ireland. Many stone carvings on crosses and monuments in Ireland, dating before the 11th century, claim that the figures are wearing kilts.


The Irish Jewelry Company Ireland is a magical country, filled with tradition and folklore dating back many years. Christmas in Ireland is an especially magical time of year. Many Irish Christmas traditions have become part of the Christmas celebration of many nationalities and have made their way into main stream American Christmas customs. This Irish Christmas greeting literally translates to Happy Christmas.

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For all their wars are merry and all their songs are sad. The Lia Fail is believed to be the stone on which Jacob rested: It had been used for many centuries at the coronation of the Scottish Kings and kept at the Abbey of Scone. When King Edward I, [ruled: Based on a political move by the English Parliament, it was returned to Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. One of the great symbolic writings in ancient Irish literature, is of the battle of Medb’s sons.

When in the heat of the bloody battle, Medb is told that her foster son Cuchulainn [hound of Culain] has beheaded her son, Ferdia. Medb describes the face of the dying Gaul, saying it speaks for them all: Each one of us will die, naked and alone, on some battlefield not of our own choosing.

Irish Christmas Traditions

Questions about your old globe? Want to see photos of antique and vintage world globes? Do you collect antique or vintage terrestrial globes? Perhaps you like to see how older world globes show the political boundaries of their times. It is fascinating to see how countries and cities have changed their names over the decades, and the results of wars that have moved boundaries.

Some people collect globes because they often show the tracks and routes that explorers took as they learned about our planet.

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If the new Irish foundation at Louvain was fortunate in having such a founder, it was perhaps still more fortunate in having Father Donatus Mooney for its first guardian. He was a man earnestly devoted to the study of the antiquities of Ireland, and to him we are specially indebted for that Irish historical school which soon became characteristic of St. Whilst as yet a Franciscan novice, Father Mooney suffered imprisonment for the Faith.

They were, however, all seized in , and dragged to prison, where our young novice lingered for some months.

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Another ancient body has just been recovered from the depths of an Irish bog. This time the remains consist of a partial bog body that appears to have been covered in a leather bag (update: the leather bag may actually be the upper torso).The bog body, which may be the remains of a woman, was found just outside Portlaoise in Cul na Móna bog and is being excavated by archaeologists from The.

Freemasonry is kindness in the home, honesty in business, courtesy in society, earnest in work, pity and concern for the unfortunate, resistance towards evil, help for the weak, forgiveness for the penitent, love for one another and reverence and love for God. Freemasonry is many things, but above all, Freemasonry is a way of life. Membership is open to all men of integrity and goodwill, irrespective of colour or creed, on condition that they profess a belief in a Supreme Being.

How they choose to worship Him is not of interest to us. There is evidence that Freemasonry existed in Ireland years ago. The Grand Lodge of Ireland, our governing body, was constituted in and celebrated its th Anniversary in the year , the last year of the 20th century. We are the second oldest Grand Lodge in the World. It fulfils as great a need to-day as it did then.

Our Lodges are located all over the island of Ireland and in many Countries overseas. It is said that the sun never sets on Irish Freemasonry.

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