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Eyeglasses Through the Ages “The art of making a pair of spectacles was an achievement of monumental significance for mankind that has had an incalculable impact. Although it has been relatively unknown to the general public, the evolution and development of spectacles over the past seven centuries qualifies as a long, significant, and quite fascinating journey through history, whose impact deserves to be better recognized and more widely appreciated. Moving your mouse over an image will stop the motion. Imagine what life would be like not being able to see images clearly or sharply. According to a January 11, feature article in Newsweek Magazine , reading glasses are one of the most important inventions of the past years. They developed because of the work of artisans, like glassmakers, jewelers and clockmakers, along with some of the most brilliant scientific minds over the centuries. William Rosenthal, “Philosophers, monks, mathematicians, physicists, microscopists, astronomers, and chemists all played vital roles in developing this instrument. In ancient times, someone noticed that convex -shaped glass magnified things. Sometime between the year and crude mechanical grinding technology began to develop regarding rock crystal reading stones simple magnifiers.

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Godthelp in Hill, Robert S. White, , The Nature of Hidden Worlds: Australian Conservation Foundation, Melbourne. Michael Archer, Suzanne J. Gehling, Kathleen Grey, Guy M. Franklin, The revolution that didn’t arrive:

Antique Hand Painted Gold Scalloped Serving Decorative Centerpiece Bowl Rosenthal R&C Bavaria ca Absolutely gorgeous Rosenthal decorative centerpiece bowl with hand painted maiden lounging on the lawn while a darling angel/putti ties her up with a pink ribbon and tickles her with a stick.

Crystal stemware was manufactured for hundreds of years by a large number of manufacturers in a great many patterns, all of which make it difficult to identify. If you’re starting or adding to your collection, be aware of the differences between crystal stemware and regular glassware. In the “Chicago Tribune,” Michele Fecht writes that true crystal has a “lead content of at least 24 percent,” but glass doesn’t contain lead. This lead content gives crystal its signature qualities, contributing to its strength and weight.

The lower temperature required for making leaded crystal makes it easier for glassmakers to craft decorative configurations in crystal glasses such as intricate cuts and angles with sparkling refractions. Overall, crystal has a smoother texture and is heavier than glass, but to positively determine if your crystal is authentic, seek input from a professional service. Antiques Appraisers and Resources If you take your stemware to an antiques dealer or appraisal service, bring along digital or printed images; some appraisers will look at emailed photos or faxes to begin the process.

An appraiser or website offers examples of signature differences and the distinguishing qualities of antique crystal manufacturing companies.

PM derides Europe for holding Iran nuke talks after alleged Paris attack plot

Is Your Gel Manicure Safe? January 8, By Tracy E. But are perfectly polished nails worth putting your health at risk?

Defendants were represented by Elizabeth McNamara of Davis Wright Tremain LLP and Edward H. Rosenthal of Frankfurt Kurnit Klein and Seltz PC. “Dating .

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In business from under the name Abdingdon Sanitary Manufacturing Company, making plumbing fixtures. The name was changed to Abingdon Potteries in Lehner’s Encyclopedia of U.

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Leuchtenbhurg China Very pretty antique child’s cup with cute graphics of a boy and girl with two animals, a sheep and goose. Marked on underside “Leuchtenburg Germany” with a graphic of a castle turret. From the style and type, we believe this to be an antique piece minimally a vintage child’s cup , likely dating to the early ‘s. This was found out of a home. The multi-color graphics encircle about half the cup with the remainder left blank.

The order on the cup shows the white sheep first, followed by the boy dressed in what may be a shepherd’s type outfit as he is carrying a curved shepherd’s staff and wearing a broad-rimmed hat, followed by a white goose, and ending with a girl in a bonnet and skirt carrying what looks like a plate or dish of bread or simple cake.

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China China is effectively expelling a French journalist who criticised Beijing’s treatment of the Muslim Uighur minority in the north-west region of Xinjiang. Beijing is refusing to renew the press visa of Ursula Gauthier, the Beijing correspondent for the weekly L’Obs news magazine. Her visa expires at the end of December and Ms Gauthier will be forced to leave the country. L’Obs said China refused to extend the visa, accusing her of supporting acts of terrorism by writing an article on Uighur minorities.

The story, dated November 18, suggested that China was using last month’s Paris attacks to justify crackdowns on Uighur people in Xinjiang. Hundreds of minorities have been killed in recent years in the region, which is beset by ethnic tensions Uighur groups blame on repressive government policies. China denies any human rights abuses against Uighurs and says it faces a campaign from Islamist radicals and separatists.

Antique Child’s Cup China Leuchtenburg Germany Boy Girl Sheep Goose

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Science Photo Library Earthquakes may now become easier to detect than ever before, with the aid of developing technology. Researchers in Iceland have successfully used an existing fibre-optic communications cable to assess seismic activity. Such cables are laid beneath the ground in countries around the world, to supply internet and television service.

The technique has proven sensitive to ground shaking, but is not yet ready for widespread use. It joins a series of recent advances in earthquake sensing, including smartphone apps and more affordable detection hardware.

According to the Shenango China dating system with as “1”, this mug was made about The Shenango China Company was incorporated in From to they manufactured only commercial china for hotels, restaurants and other institutions.

Technical developments[ edit ] In the context of Chinese ceramics, the term porcelain lacks a universally accepted definition see above. This in turn has led to confusion about when the first Chinese porcelain was made. Kiln technology has always been a key factor in the development of Chinese pottery. These were updraft kilns, often built below ground. Two main types of kiln were developed by about AD and remained in use until modern times. These are the dragon kiln of hilly southern China, usually fuelled by wood, long and thin and running up a slope, and the horseshoe-shaped mantou kiln of the north Chinese plains, smaller and more compact.

In the late Ming, the egg-shaped kiln or zhenyao was developed at Jingdezhen , but mainly used there. This was something of a compromise between the other types, and offered locations in the firing chamber with a range of firing conditions. Early wares[ edit ] Painted jar of the Majiayao culture , Late Neolithic period — BC Pottery dating from 20, years ago was found at the Xianrendong Cave site, in Jiangxi province, [8] [9] making it among the earliest pottery yet found and so for the moment putting the Chinese ahead in a race with the Japanese in which national prestige is a factor.

Another reported find is from 17, —18, years ago in the Yuchanyan Cave in southern China. Decoration is abstract or stylized animals – fish are a speciality at the river settlement of Banpo. The Majiayao and other phases of the Yangshao culture are well-represented in Western museums; by the Banshan phase purple was used in slip-painting alongside black. Previously coil-forming was used for large vessels. By — BCE in the Dawenkou culture shapes later familiar from Chinese ritual bronzes begin to appear.

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“The art of making a pair of spectacles was an achievement of monumental significance for mankind that has had an incalculable impact. Although it has been relatively unknown to the general public, the evolution and development of spectacles over the past seven centuries qualifies as a long, significant, and quite fascinating journey through history, whose impact deserves to be better.

Chinese ceramics Porcelain originated in China , and it took a long time to reach the modern material. There is no precise date to separate the production of proto-porcelain from that of porcelain. Although proto-porcelain wares exist dating from the Shang Dynasty — BC , by the time of the Eastern Han Dynasty period BC— AD , glazed ceramic wares had developed into porcelain, on a Chinese definition as high-fired ware. The wares were already exported to the Islamic world , where they were highly prized.

From Peabody Essex Museum. Eventually, porcelain and the expertise required to create it began to spread into other areas of East Asia.

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