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Mig Welding Aluminum exaggerates everything that can go wrong migging steel!.. Dead nuts straight in works too!.. You really need a spool gun. In this video, you can see that when mig welding aluminum, the weld puddle is pushed and not pulled. You can also notice the cleaning action of the arc around the edges of the weld puddle that breaks up the aluminum oxide and allows the puddle to wet in to the base metal. There are several aluminum mig welding techniques that work ok, but the one used in the video is just a slow steady motion. Another thing to learn from this video about aluminum mig welding is that it uses what is known as “spray transfer”. Can you See the tip of the wire? It never goes into the puddle.

Millermatic 252 MIG Pkg with Spoolmatic 30A 208/230 Volt 951066

Originally Posted by mccutter The following link takes you to a setup that would probably work for you. That could be a lower cost alternative. But if you have the patience, keep combing Ebay and craigslist for the “right” unit or compatible unit–you might find what you’re looking for for cheap. Dea at JustArc could probably help you with an adapter but they can be pricey The expression “throwing good money after bad” comes to mind.

Sep 07,  · I just picked up a used Millermatic 30A spool gun to use on aluminum jobs, with no owners manual. It’s in very good condition and I have it hooked up to my Millermatic mig and it does seem to put out plenty of juice! But I can not figure out how to adjust the wire speed and power settings. It doesn’t seem to respond to the settings on the at all.

You attach the positive power lead from your Mig power supply it doesn’t matter if the Mig power supply is electrical or engine driven to the box with the provided Dinze weld power plug labeled “Electrode”. The box requires VAC to operate. Screw the 14 pin Amphenol gun plug into the LVC box. Plug the gun weld cable Dinze plug into the “Gun” receptacle. You are now read to weld! The system AEC LVC system is the ultimate in versatility, the gun will weld any alloy that can be had on a standard four inch spool.

The gun will feed 0. With the LVC box the gun can be attached to any mig machine. The mig power supply’s contactor must be turned on, the contactor in the LVC controls the weld power. With this system you can use your gun on any mig machine in house and then quickly remove it and use it on any engine driven mig power supply in the field. No other system can provide the versatility, ease of set-up, low cost, long life and low consumable cost.

You can be assured that this system will not be obsoleted. Weldmart has every part, piece, bolt, nut, screw, washer, connector, cable, and decal available for this gun and control box.

Miller Spoolmatic Pro 30A Spoolgun 301148

With a range of 5 to amps amps at 60 percent duty cycle and easy-to-use but powerful weld controls previously only available on more expensive, three-phase machines, the Shopmate was designed to meet the needs of users who require versatility, ease-of-use and arc quality at an affordable price. These include MRO, RV and trailer manufacturing and other light industrial, educational and farm applications. One knob allows you to tune-in the arc quickly and easily.

Industrial, well-balanced Spoolmatic 15A/30A spool gun features a built-in gas valve, rotatable canister, all-wire dual groove drive roll and 15 ft (15A) or 30 ft (30A) cable reach. New barrels are Roughneck and Bernard Centerfire compatible.

By Allen Moss Date I called Tweco and a tech person there E Mailed me that he “thinks” this gun and box will work on my MM I would have thought that he could have come up with more then “He Thinks” it will work. I sure don’t want to spend that much on a I think it will work! How much should I spend on this set up?? Can any of you folks give me an idea on this gun and box working on my ?

I will need to know ASAP this equipment may not be for sale long. Thanks for your help. Have fun, By sbcmweb Date

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Good Better Best Optimized New! Shopmate DX MIG package Process selector switch is an operator-friendly single process switch that eliminates the confusion of several switch combinations. Digital meters for presetting or monitoring voltage and amperage. Built-in pin connector for direct hookup of Spoolmatic spool guns. Built-in pin connector provides direct connection for pin, 24 VAC Miller wire feeders and accessories.

Fan-On-Demand cooling system operates only when needed.

Spoolmate to Welder Hook-Up Requiring an SGASpool Gun Adapter Millermatic Compatible™ Owner’s Manual Product: Manual: Serial: Revision: Gun models: Python. Spool Gun f/ Miller MIG Welders in Business & Industrial, This spool gun will also connect to .

Welding is a sideline to my carpentry, so it’s for occasional use, but I want it to be a versatile setup should my needs grow. Does anyone have experience with the various spool guns? Am I crazy to consider using a spool gun for everything? Which one should I get? Also, I’ve been advised that pure argon will probably be OK to use for everything so I don’t have to switch bottles when going from AL to steel, any thoughts?

I own a Spoolmatic 30, but have vast experience with the AEC.

Miller Electric Shopmate Series Brochure & Specs

Miller matic Owner’s Manual: Connecting Spoolmatic 15a Or 30a Gun Millermatic spool gun hook up, millermatic 30a spool gun instructions? There should be a dial on the handle I think. Can I add the other two pins to the 4 pin connector and make it work?

Spoolmatic® Spool Gun 30A By Miller Electric Mfg Co. A at % DC IPM/6 alum/ up to hard-Call for Price: DESCRIPTION Input Power SDS Number US Wire Feed Speed Wire Diameter Capacity PRICE; MIL Spoolmate Series spool gun by Miller Electric for welding aluminum, mild, and stainless steel.

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Millermatic mig welder Description: This all-in-one MIG machine has infinite voltage control with wire feed speed tracking for easy operator control. Runs on Volt input power to go wherever you need to weld! NEW Smooth Start patent-pending technology provides a smooth spatter-free start.

Shopmate Series Manuals. Shopmate Issued September • Index No. DC/ direct hookup of Spoolmatic® 15A or 30A spool guns. process switch eliminates confusion caused by several switch combinations. Built-in pin connector provides quick, direct connection.

Mon Jul 20, I am pasting it here: The two choices for fume control Each method has its pros and cons Water table, -On a small machine under about 5′ x 10′ cutting area a water table fume control can often consist of a simple tray or pan This is the cheapest, easiest way to trap particulates from the cutting process. These tables can get rather costly Rust on the slats, rust and stains on the plate being cut.

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The thought of tig’n all this stuff is just killing me. A couple years ago a friend of mine gave me a 30 amp Miller spool gun, a wc I think its a 24, no label on it, six sided thing, serial kf and a psa2 serial ke , that says “warning, dont use type 1 and type 2 guns on this power supply, it has been modified and damage to the guns will occour” What guns do they mean here? The spool gun has no type 1 or 2 on it, its just an older pop top not hinged 30 amp gun without a serial number.

Its been sitting since he gave it to me and now I have a decent job for it. Do I have what I need to make this rig run? From what little I’ve been able to learn the WC goes between the gun and the multi pin under the cover on the power supply?

Miller Spoolmatic 30A Mig Spool Gun & WC Weld this spool gun came with a welder i purchased the flap cover that covers the drive gears was broken off so i ordered a new case. it will connect to any power source (example: mille.

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Best way to setup an aluminum spool gun